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Mobile has transformed everything from travel to education, shopping to partying. With the world going mobile, it has become mandatory for businesses to keep up with their audiences. Our agile mobility solutions help our clients accelerate their key business processes, thereby adding to the revenue growth. Our mobile app development engineers have extensive experience in creating and deploying applications on Android, Apple, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone platforms based on client specific requirements.
With our vast experience and expertise in Native and Hybrid App Development, we can deliver your dream product for your business.

Anrim is a specialized mobile app development company that is a leader in the creation and delivery of Native and Hybrid applications. We are the trusted mobile app development partner for rapid-growth startups and leading enterprises. We help you create mobile solutions that add real business value, improve customer experiences, and drive revenue.

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High-End Android, iOS Mobile App Development.
An app is never just an app. It’s a way to connect with customers, transform an organizations culture, light a spark of imagination, and endless possibilities. When creating such exceptional experiences, you need a team that knows what it’s doing. You need Anrim.


App Development Phases



Dubai Government

Game-styled Mobile Application for Ambulance and Awareness.
Users maneuver an ambulance vehicle across city blocks to find and rescue the injured and distressed people.

Green Apple Pharmacy

E-Commerce Mobile Application and Website.
Users can create a profile to browse store locations, or shop in-app from over 4,000 products in many categories and subcategories. Orders are delivered to a selected address from their profile, or to a GPS location they specify.
Users can also scan their drug prescriptions and have them filled and delivered to them.

Reel Cranky Charters

Website for families to reserve an outing on a fishing boat.
Reservations are made on an online calendar and paid for on the website.

Shukran Cards

Select the appropriate greeting card for any occasion from listed categories, or design your own card.
Add text, images, emojis, and more; then send your card to one or more recipients.
For events, add the date, GPS location, and RSVP option.