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We are Anrim Digital Services, a leading web design agency that has assisted businesses of all sizes throughout the United States in converting visitors into customers!

A Top Web Design Company

At Anrim Digital Services, we’re a spirited, unafraid-to-be-different team, and we bring this distinctive personality to our work. We embrace boldness, recognizing it as the key to standing out in an increasingly crowded world. This philosophy also extends to our approach to website design.

Each web design project is distinctive in its own right. We are committed to getting acquainted with your company, comprehending your requirements, and crafting a customized timeline and project plan that aligns with your business. We aim to leverage all the knowledge and expertise that has earned us numerous web design accolades to benefit your organization!

How Can We Help You Stand Out in the Digital Wilderness?

We specialize in constructing search engine-friendly and responsive websites. Our streamlined process is designed to yield prompt and effective results. Our web development team is conveniently based in both Atlanta and Charlotte.

Audit Phase

This is where we sit down with you and learn about your brand and how the website design from Anrim Digital Services will help propel it forward.


What functions and features will your website have? What kind of content do you want to put out there? What are your overall marketing goals? Rest assured, we won’t ask for your social security number, but we will conduct a comprehensive analysis.


Think you know your customers well? We’ll delve deeper into this to identify the content that piques your customers’ interest, their demographic data, and the type of information that keeps them engaged.


We can’t set and measure goals if we don’t know where you started. Anrim Digital Services will audit your current website, SEO, and marketing efforts and establish benchmarks based on your desired destination.


Do you know how you stack up against your competition? You should. We’ll research their websites to discern which content resonates with their audience, how effective their keywords are, and their online activities. Subsequently, we will design a website that gives you an edge in terms of design, usability, and SEO.

Creative Phase

After gathering all the essential insights about your brand and your competitors, it’s time to assemble the foundational elements of your website.


Firstly, we’ll create a comprehensive sitemap that outlines all the pages for your website. This serves as the fundamental structure for navigation and plays a crucial role in the subsequent phases of the process.


The style tile serves as a brand guideline for your website. During this stage, we define the fonts and colors to be used and provide examples of their application. Key elements showcased in this phase include font styles for headlines and paragraphs, color schemes and sizes, navigation styles, as well as the visual style of images that may be incorporated.


The wireframe acts as the blueprint for your website. We transform conceptual ideas into a visual design, allowing you to grasp the positioning of major components and the overall flow from one page to another.

Development Phase

The website development stage is where the design of your website begins to take shape. We initiate the coding process, integrating the sitemap, style tiles, wireframes, and content to construct the design and layout of the web pages. By the time we reach the website development stage, you’ve been actively engaged and have seen all the elements that constitute the web design. Now, you can navigate seamlessly between pages and experience a fully functional, responsive website.

The development phase represents the most extensive part of our web design process. Here, we dedicate substantial effort to tasks such as page layout, custom graphics, icons, infographics, text arrangement, and the implementation of responsive coding to ensure the site functions seamlessly across all devices.

Launch Phase

The launch phase is of paramount importance. This is where we meticulously prepare the site for its transition to a live environment, leaving no room for oversights or omissions.


Given the multitude of computer operating systems, browsers, devices, screen resolutions, and personalized settings, it’s common to encounter variations in how the website appears. To address this, our team includes third-party testers from diverse backgrounds who rigorously evaluate the site to pinpoint any discrepancies.


When launching a new website or redesigning an existing one, we prioritize URL mapping to preserve or enhance SEO performance. Additionally, we implement tracking programs like Google Analytics and submit your sitemap to major search engines.


Once the website design is complete and launched, what comes next? We’re here to provide ongoing support for website maintenance and marketing efforts through our monthly retained services programs or flexible flat-rate time blocks. A successful web design project isn’t just about the design itself; it’s about building a successful website that contributes to the growth of your business.


 Search Engine Friendly Websites
 Fast Load Time On Desktop and Mobile
 Automatic Image Compression and Sizing
 Easy to Add Pages
 Built-in Blog

 Photo Gallery
 Contact Form
 Daily Backups, Hourly Backups for E-commerce
 Dedicated Project Manager
 Dedicated Team of Experts


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